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Full Name: Steven Sears
Date of Birth: 23 December 1958

Fort Gordon, GA, USA

Martal Status: Single
Resides: Glendale, California, USA
Height 5'10

(courtesy of Steven's official Site)

Steven L. Sears (Steve) was born the younger of two sons. His parents, Richard and Marian Sears, traveled frequently as Richard was a career soldier in the U.S. Army. Consequently, he and his brother Bruce had visited forty-eight states and fourteen countries before their middle teens. Steve was born in Fort Gordon, GA. and has lived in Worms, West Germany; Tacoma, Washington; St. Augustine, Florida, and Fort Knox, Kentucky, before his father returned to St. Augustine to retire from the service and enter the private sector.

Steve went to high school at St. Augustine High where he began his training in Theatre. At the age of thirteen, he tried out for, and got, a part in CROSS AND SWORD, the state play of Florida. This led to a series of plays in the local little theatres. At the same time, he began a long list of strange "Day"-jobs. His work history includes such mundane jobs as Trailer Park Attendant; Radio DJ; Historical Marcher; Trolley Bus Tour Guide; Convenience Store Clerk; Gift Shop Sales Clerk; Driver for a Morgue (yes, it's what you think); Deputy Trainee; Porpoise Show Announcer and Trainer; Waiter (of course); Answering Service Operator; Fundraiser Candy Salesman; Shopping Cart Ad Installer; and more obscure ways of making a living.

He entered the University of Florida and received his Associate of Arts. Making a definite commitment to Theatre as a Major, he entered Florida State University where he graduated with a B.A. cum laude in Theatre. After a couple of months of work (with the porpoises this time), he packed his bags, withdrew his savings of six hundred dollars, and headed for Los Angeles.

Acting was the primary direction of his career. He joined several Acting Studios and enjoyed small successes here and there but, certainly, he was not making a living at it. On advice from a casting director, he decided to write a script. One and a half years later, after a life of never considering writing as a viable career option, he was on the writing staff of RIPTIDE, a television series for NBC.

Since that entry into the world of Television Writing in 1984, he has gone on to Staff Write, Story Edit and Produce such shows as STINGRAY, THE A-TEAM, JJ STARBUCK, THE HIGHWAYMAN, FATHER DOWLING MYSTERIES, SWAMP THING, and RAVEN. In addition, he has written for shows such as HARDCASTLE & McCORMICK, SUPERBOY, THE HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE, JESSE HAWKES, HARDBALL, GRANDSLAM, WALKER-TEXAS RANGER, as well as Television Pilots, Features, Interactive and animation. He was the Executive Producer on the feature “The Last Perfect Wave”, the Co-Executive Producer of the hit syndicated series XENA – WARRIOR PRINCESS, and the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the Columbia/TriStar Television Series SHEENA.

He now acknowledges that he doesn't have time for acting anymore