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Steven Sears Online
has been a long time in the percolating process. In fact it's been percolating since August 2001. Before then I had been contacted by Steven while he was working on Xena Warrior Princess - an email about my artwork.

August 2001 is significant because it's when I first met Steven. It was at my first Dragoncon (now that was an experience even without meeting Steven). His kindness, sense of humour and enthusiasm just won me over. Well Steven was more than I had expected. You could say it was a very memorable meeting. Since then Steven has became a friend. This site is to celebrate the man and his creative endeavours (of which there are many). .

Steven Sears Online is not affiliated with Steven and is no way official in any way (Steven has his own site for that) this is a fan run web site dedicated to news and multimedia.

Steven Sears Online is part of the AUSXIP Network of Sites run by MaryD (that would be me).

I DO NOT accept scripts, story ideas, referrals, mail or anything else for Steven (nice job that it might be, it's not my job).